Hello Creatives,

We are so honoured to be Proud Suppliers for Channel 7’s House Rules Season 7, for the third year in a row!

Each year, it gets more and more exciting to see what the contestants come up with and to watch them create beautifully styled spaces in each room of the house – our favourite part of the show of course, is seeing our wallpaper come to life on their walls.

On this season, you’ll see a selection of Affordable Decorators’ stunning wallcoverings pop up in the Queensland room reveals. A vast contrast of styles and designs from our showroom’s extensive collection were used by contestants this year, with one revealed and a few more still to come.

So far we’ve seen Shayn and Carly’s home in the Sunshine Coast be completely transformed! Contestant’s Pete and Courtney presented an absolutely gorgeous room for Shayn and Carly’s little girl, Imogen, which was a crowd favourite and featured our gold glitter effect spot wallpaper.

This wallpaper is one of our absolute favourites and really made Imogen’s room shine! The contestants did a fantastic job and the result was simply amazing. Here’s a little look inside the recent reveal.

We absolutely love what the teams have achieved so far and couldn’t be happier to be involved with House Rules for a third time!

We look forward to seeing the room reveals every week and watching the contestants really step it up with each project, showcasing a new level of creativity, style and flair with their designs and colour palettes.

The entire team at Affordable Decorators love reno shows like House Rules, which inspire us to offer ideas for your home decorating projects too.

Watch this space! There are a few more room reveals on the horizon as the competition heats up, featuring some of our most-loved wallpapers. If you missed the reveal, watch the episode here.

Find out more about our involvement with House Rules and how you can SHOP THE LOOK, or get in touch with us on (07) 5527 6728,  – we would love to hear from you!

With love,

The team at Affordable Decorators xx


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