Linings will add considerable benefits to your drapery installation and help preserve the lifespan of your curtains.

In Australia, our proximity to the ozone layer hole means fading to some degree is inevitable.

Although linings should not be expected to completely eliminate fading or mildew build up, a lining will significantly improve the life span of your curtains and soft furnishings.

We recommend stacking back your curtains away from the window to minimise degradation of the leading edge. Leading edges of the curtain (those facing the windows) are particularly vulnerable to sunlight degradation.

Temperatures between the glass and curtain/blind can become extreme, causing fabrics to fade or become fragile, which can also lead to tearing and disintegration.

Tip: rotate your curtains every year by swapping the left curtain with the right hand one to further minimise fading of leading edges.

Affordable Decorators offers a 1 year warranty.