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As Gold Coast curtain specialists, the Affordable Decorators showroom has an extensive range of quality fabrics. From framing a beautiful view to cutting your energy cost, there’s no limit to what the latest curtains can do.

Curtains don’t just help control light and privacy, they can set a mood and be the perfect finishing touch to a room.

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Soft window furnishings provide practical benefits such as energy savings through insulation (control of heat and cold), noise reduction, privacy and light control. With an enormous array of design, colour and texture, you have more scope than ever to add individual personality to your curtains, complete the look and feel of a room and enhance the value of your greatest financial asset – your home.


Quality linings will add considerable benefits to your drapery and help preserve the lifespan on your curtains. 

TIP: for those that don’t want a coated lining, a quality sateen weave uncoated lining is an excellent option

Lining options: Blockout OR Dimout


Affordable Decorators Ultimate 3 pass lining

Affordable decorators are delighted to introduce our new development in three pass blackout linings which offers all the benefits of a high quality locally produced product at market competitive rates.

3P lining carries an ISO 9001 accreditation, meeting Australian performance requirements and extensively tested under laboratory conditions. It’s formulated to combat the harsh Australian sun, mildew, mould and insect infestation. 

Benefits of Blockout curtain lining:

  • Reduces heat gain by at least 23%

  • In cooler climates, reduces heat loss by 22%

  • 3 year warranty

  • Available in widths: 138cm, 150cm, 280cm & 318cm

  • Available in colours: White, Off White and Ivory


Benefits of Dimout curtain lining:

  • Dimout lining allows a small amount of light to pass through. 

  • Popular for both commercial and residential

  • Affordable

  • Washable 

  • Noise reduction properties

  • soft/thick handle which adds fullness to a lightweight fabric such as silk 

  • Polyester dimout linings have a natural mildew resistance


With 30 years experience, we can guide you through the best fabric choice for your needs. It’s an important decision as fabric determines the best length to cut your curtains as well as their longevity.

  • Durable when used in tightly woven designs and mixed with synthetic fibres
  • Naturally flame retardant, dirt repellent, anti static and temperature regulating
  • Viscose/Rayon
  • Provides a luxurious finish and adaptable
  • Not UV resistant and should always be lined 
  • Will move with changing humidity levels


  • Fine in texture and colours beautifully
  • Most exclusive of all natural fibres
  • Sensitive to UV light and should always be lined


  • Strongest of the natural fibres
  • Regarded as a luxury fibre because of its lustre and texture
  • Will move with changing humidity levels. This process can occur over the course of a day. To make this movement less obvious on curtains, we recommend linen curtains be designed to sit on the floor.
  • Sensitive to UV light and should always be lined
  • Linen has a loose weave and softens with use, particularly on folded edges. This will result in a non-uniform appearance to the surface of the fabric and means it will not hold its shape as well.
  • Linen will crease and wrinkle very easily
  • An environmentally friendly choice. 

  • All of these characteristics are part of linen’s natural ‘behaviour’ and are a sort-after look by many designers. However, if you are after a structured look, then linen may not be the best choice for you. We recommend you try a polyester linen-lookalike that will emulate the look of linen but will provide a more flawless finish.

  • Strong and durable

  • Reasonable sunlight resistance but should be lined 

  • Will move with changing humidity levels

  • Strong, stable and durable
  • Excellent sunlight resistance
  • Generally not affected by mildew 
  • Strong and durable
  • Durable and good UV resistance
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Excellent colour fastness and resistance to fading
  • Highly stain resistant


Drapery treatments which have been manufactured using textiles with a high percentage of natural fibres can rise or fall in humid conditions. The following are recommended solutions to accommodate possible movement.

Puddling Curtains

Puddling is when you manufacture your curtains longer than required to “puddle” on the floor. A good rule of thumb is 100mm on the floor over a 2000mm drop. This creates a more relaxed look, particularly suiting heavy linens, which allows the drapery to rise or fall slightly without alteration.

All fabrics can move to some degree and cannot be guaranteed to always remain the same drop to the millimetre.

Curtain lengths

The curtain length is a personal choice. Industry standard for curtain lengths (drop) is 10mm off the floor. Recently though many consumers are preferring their curtains to skim the floor or puddle on the floor. It is important that you discuss your expectations with your consultant when you are considering purchasing new curtains.

Stack back

Although the idea of opening your curtains to completely expose the glass may be appealing, it isn’t always possible. All curtains require room to stack back. Certain types of pleats stack back into a smaller space than others, extending the curtain track beyond the window to stack the curtains on the wall is always a good option. Be sure to discuss your preferences with your consultant when you are ordering new curtains.


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