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63cm d x 41cm h

$150.00 Sale $485.00


Cancun Basket

Small $139.00

 36cm d x 42cm h

Large $209.00 

46cm d x 49cm h


2 Drawer Bedside

2 Drawer Bedside

65 cm w x 45cm d x 70cm h

SALE Price: $450 $895.00

Bamboo Side Table

50cm w x 50cm d x 61cm h

SALE price: $150 $495.00



1m w x 49cm d x 2.3m h



Montgomery Buffet

210cm w x 50cm d x 90cm h


Laguna Cross Leg Stool

60cm w x 44cm d x 50cm h



Curved Buffet 

193cm w x 45cm d x 75cm h


White Rattan Chair

55cm w x 50cm d x 1m h

Price: SOLD



Natural Rattan Stool

47cm d x 59cm h

$80.00 Sale $429.00



White Rattan Stool

47cm d x 59cm h

$80.00 Sale $429.00




1.8m w x 1.8m h

Price: SOLD


Driftwood Stool

36cm d x 46cm h

Price: SOLD


Side Table

53cm d x 47cm h

Price: SOLD

Carved Side Table

52cm d x 65cm h

Price: SOLD 

Wooden Buffet (one off, water mark)

1.45m l x 40cm d x 88cm h

Price: SOLD

7 door Sideboard

300cm w x 50cm d x 75cm h

$3900.00 Sale $4900.00


Console Table

1.8m w x 45cm d x 81cm h

$700.00 Sale $3220.00


Hamptons Side Table

65cm w x 65cm d x 56cm h

$350.00 Sale $990.00


Carved round table (some damage)

60cm d x 52cm h 

Price: SOLD


Woven Ottoman with iron base

70cm d x 45cm h

Price: SOLD


Timber Ottoman 1

39cm d x 46cm h 

Price: SOLD


Timber Ottoman 2

39cm d x 46cm h 

Price: SOLD


Dining Chair

52cm w x 42cm d x 82cm h

Price: SOLD


Rattan chair 

68cm w x 58cm d x 107cm h

Price: SOLD


Yellow Double Bedhead

155cm w x 122cm h

Price: SOLD


Assorted baskets

SALE Price: $10.00